• Random Strands of Thought

Random Strands of Thought

by Calvin S. Niles


‘Random Strands of Thought’ is an inspirational experience, comprising personal reflections, introspection, motivational statement and some observations on life.

These thoughts are meant to be explored by, and shared with others in the hope that the essence of the message will make a positive impact on the mind of the reader.

The symbols on the covers- The intertwining strands of blue are associated with inspiration. They decipt the streams of spiritual energy as they were envisioned.

White is the symbol of spiritual purity and mental clarity. The golden triangle is reminiscent of the power of ‘The Holy Trinity’, and the Circle depicts the purity of light and cosmic consciousness. It is the symbol of eternity.

The title ‘fiat lux fiat’ speaks for itself.

The Back Cover

There are three (3) symbols: a black dot from which seven streams of light are emitted. At the bottom is a golden square in which a white circle is cradled. The black dot also represents the Divine Matrix, the Abyss- the Vast Void or the Incomprehensible Nothingness from which all things come.

The seven streams of light depict the Fiats which brought the Creation in all its pristine glory and perfection into physical manifestation. The golden square depicts the Edenic Glory, while the circle represents the entire cosmos. The circle and square are the union of heaven and earth. So above, so below.

About The Author

Born in Maxwell Hill, Christ Church, Barbados. Educated at St. Lawrence Elementary School and Boys Foundation School. Subsquently, International Relations at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus in 1972 before embarking on a course of further study at Pace University and the World Training Institute U.S.A. in Marketing and Export in Promotion, 1977. He was awarded a Commonwealth Fellowship to Human Resource Management and Manpower Planning at the Institute of Manpower Planning and Research in New Delhi, India, 1995.

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Random Strands of Thought

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