From Rags to the Presence of the King: God Can Take You From Nobody To Somebody

by Marguerite Breedy-Haynes

People tend to judge others based on their outward appearance and assign subjective labels to them based on their standards, behaviors and experience. This is especially true for those who are trying to follow God. Such people are targeted by satan, who may use family, friends, church members and religious organizations to betray, malign or scandalize those who try to reach their full potential in God. Many people who desperately try to live for God can find themselves rejected by others due to their past mistakes or social status, and have nowhere else to turn for their improvement. It is important to understand that God can receive the rejected ones and transform them for His glory. The Bible says that “man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7) There are many pressures faced by pastors and congregational members who try to serve God faithfully. Being unaware of some critical pressures can cause a person to stumble, especially if they experience them or have to work with others who have experienced them. This book seeks to enlighten individuals to some critical challenges faced during the transition from primarily pursuing the things of the world to fully serving God.

About the Author

Apostle Marguerite Breedy-Haynes was born in St. Lucia to one Barbadian parent and one St. Lucian parent and is the seventh of sixteen children. She lived in Barbados since childhood and is married with three children. Saved by Jesus who visited her in a vision, she was taken to hell, and there she was given a mandate by God not to let anyone go to that place. She then gave her life completely over to Him and was anointed as an End Time Prophet. Her ministry began by giving tracts on the streets of Barbados for over 3 years until God promoted her. “Saving The Lost At Any Cost, End Time Ministries’ was started at her house and has now become an international ministry with branches based in Barbados, South Carolina, St. Lucia and several others which are being birthed around the world. Hundreds came to her from all over Barbados. Their lives were changed through the deliverance of the Word of God, many were healed and demons were cast out. As an End Time Prophet, she was called to preach the gospel of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. She has travelled the world ministering in various churches and crusades, teaching and admonishing others to live holy lives before God. She is known for not compromising the Word of God and believes in living what she preaches. Her desire is to win souls for the end times and to snatch God’s children from the hands of the enemy.

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From Rags to the Presence of the King

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