• Barbados - Customs to Treasure: Early Gems of Bajan Creativity


Barbados - Customs to Treasure: Early Gems of Bajan Creativity

by Glyne Murray

A description and examination of the way of life of Barbados' working class in the 1950s to 1970s, set in the context of their post-slavery and colonial experiences and showing that items of their indigenously produced material culture were socio-culturally just as creatively valid  and important as those of the dominant elite, and therefore fully deserving of society's acceptance and respect.

Detailed Description

Using birthplace Spooner's Hill as his base, the author combines  varied and colourful youthful experiences there with his social sciences training for a publication that is scholarly without being pedantic , thus making it highly readable,  informative and engrossing.

The social tapestry woven in words and illustrations rekindles for the more mature memories of a way of life that for the most part has been lost to inevitable forces of progress and modernity , while opening up for the more youthful vistas of the wistfully much talked about "bygone days."

In providing this fascinating account of Barbados' material and non-material culture and sociological  landscape of that segment of the last century, Glyne Murray makes a strong, well grounded and persuasive case for acknowledgement of the inherent creativity infesting the ranks of the Barbadian masses, and calls for the bestowal of the requisite stamp of approval on them, even if retrospectively.

A highly commendatory foreword by distinguished cultural gladiator Senator Professor Emeritus Henry Fraser accompanies this wide-ranging  compendium of Barbadian sociological and cultural treasures encompassing period food and drink, games, toys , language , characters , education, music dance, values and attitudes, all reflecting our native inventiveness and uniqueness.  


No. of pages: 250
Publish  Date: 2014

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Barbados - Customs to Treasure: Early Gems of Bajan Creativity

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