Ty Ajani

Ty Ajani born — Tyrone Carlisle Griffith 17th January — on the southern Caribbean island of Barbados. He was educated there at St. Matthias Boys’ primary school, at secondary school called The Modern High then the Barbados Community College. At college he received a diploma in Food & Beverage Management. Before moving to Switzerland he worked in Barbados as a sales clerk. He is the holder of an offset-printer diploma of which he gained in the German-speaking canton Berne, Switzerland. He still lives there with his family. He is a quadriplegic since Aug—2003, the result of an automobile accident.

In secondary school I discovered  the teachings of Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie1. The man whom Nelson Mandela had credited for unearthing the roots  which had made him a human being. Salassie’s mystic prowess remains today a precious,  realistic  concept of I and I  manifested in the essential unity of all humanity. .....The opportunity to  debate Caribbean history at our bistro on the Hastings-Rockley waterfront was an integral part of my  further education. I  had always fiddled in the ideological spirit of the revolutionary . Music at its essence is what gives us memories...  First and foremost I am a Roots and Soca redeemer ;  but in an evolving world of life and mind I  feel other genres of music.  Blues, Jazz, hip-hop soft-rock . Through the strains you can keep track of much unjustified suffering and unnecessary social misery in the world.

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Deeper Soul

Deeper Soul

Deeper Soulby Ty AjaniThere are many ways of “coming in from the cold. The root of achieving this purpose can only grow within a soulful sanctity of peace and respect. War goes against every decent do..


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